Hose pump SP-1100-light

The SP-1100-light is a new development of GERTEC. The hose pump, also called peristaltic pump or hose squeeze pump is  developed and tested for special applications like:

- production of bored pile

- high-pressure injection, HDI

- Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

- cut-off wall

- jet grouting

- feeding ofseparation tanks

The development based on our proven performance in actual use of SP-1100-1 and SP-1100-2.

What is new:

- optimised drive and pump concept

- minimized power input (15KW)

- low starting current

- generator operation with smaller

  generators possible compared to

  standard hose pumps

- Flow rate: max. 48 m³/h

- Discharge pressure: max. 5 bar

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