Viscofill Drainasphalt

Brenner-Base-Tunnel,construction lot H51


On 07 May 2020 GERTEC attended the instruction and commissioning of our grout plants at the Brenner- Base-Tunnel. The compact, fully automatic mixing plant IS-35-EA-VA is used there, in a special version with a 7.5 KW mixer motor. In automatic mode, the machine can independently produce slurrys according to one or more stored recipe(s), pump them into the agitator tank and keep them ready for the injection pump (eccentric screw pump). When used on the construction site of the Porr company, the filler "Viscofill VF03" from Schretter from Vils was colloidally mixed, conveyed and applied to the asphalt surface to produce a semi-rigid surface layer. The procedure described is going to result in a total area of ​​approximately 12,000 m² in the next few weeks. Due to the peculiarity of the drainasphalt, it is suitable as a heavy-duty storage base, excellent for the emerging tunnel segments (tubbings).

For further questions about our colloidal mixing technique, e.g. for filling of drain asphalt support frames, or about the wide range of functions and applications of our fully automatic injection station IS-35-EA-VA, please do not hesitate to contact us! (+49 (0) 8376 987 91 0)

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