GROUT Plant IS-35-EF (frequency converter)


The grout plant IS-35-EF is a purpose-made compact plant for mixing and injection for construction sites. The grout plant is particularly suitable for mixing and pumping of bentonite and cement slurries, gravity filling for geothermal probes or other solid-containing slurries.

Technical Data:

  • mixing capacity (20 batches/h): 3,0 m³/h
  • effective mixer volume: 50 - 150 l
  • flow rate pump: continuously adjustable 10-30 l/min
  • discharge pressure: maximum 30 bar

Potential applications:

  • low pressure injection
  • special civil engineering
  • tunneling
  • geothermal application, geothermal drilling
  • well building, well construction
  • seal water sealing
  • backfilling
  • cavity filling

Main features and advantages:

  • easy operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • minimum installation and commissioning effort
  • optimal mixing quality (colloidal mixer)
  • low weight, low space required
  • low operating expanses


colloidal mixer: 150 l

agitator tank: 200 l

water meter

Eccentric screw pump with frequency converter; easy pump cleaning by swivelling the stator / rotor (for transportation)

• galvanized steel frame with suitable seats for forklift and pallet truck handling

electrical control


more information: please see product information


deliverable Accessories:

  • various stator / rotor (different flow rates / different discharge pressure)
  • data logger
  • grouting hoses
  • mixing scale
  • mixing time monitoring
  • water dosage buffer tank
  • sunshade
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