Grout plants, injection units or also known as mixing and grouting units or rather injection facilities in the high pressure range are suitable for:

for mixing, grouting and injecting of cement slurries, bentonite slurries, cement pastes, tone slurries, fly-ash slurries, anhydrite, filling materials for peripheral filling or other grain solid slurries.


Fields of application are:


Jet grouting, anchor injection, rock injection, ground stabilisation, geothermal application, well building, sewer renovation, sealing grouting, gap sealing, contact grouting, pipe roof grouting, sleeve pile injection, low pressure grouting, rock injection, backfilling, cavity filling, special civil engineering, seal water sealing


Possible mixing components (solids)

- cement

- bentonite

- fly-ash

- insulation

- powered limestone

- tone powder

- anchor grout


The grout plants consist essentially of: a high-speed colloidal mixer, a buffer tank or an agitator tank and a grouting pump (plunger pump).