The batch mixer, also known as colloidal mixer or slurry mixer, is a high-speed dispersion unit and fluid flow mixer that is suitable for:

mixing and dispersing of:

- Anchor grout

- Cement

- Bentonite

- Fly-ash

- Insulation

- Powdered limestone

- Tone powder

- Filling material for geothermal application

- Anhydrite

- Diaphragm wall compounds

- Micro silica  

- other grain solid slurries.


Possible application areas are:

- Anchor injection

- Rock injection

- Ground stabilisation

- Geothermal applications

- Well building

- Sewer renovation

- Sealing grouting

- Gap sealing

- Contact grouting

- Pipe roof grouting

- Sleeve pile injection

- Backfilling

- Cavity filling

- Special civil engineering

- Seal water sealing


The batch mixers can be equipped with electrical or hydraulic drives.

The mobile mixers are especially designed for constructions sites. The mixers / mixing units are available in the following versions:

- manual operation, manual dosage of mixing components

- manual operation, semi-automatic dosage of mixing components

- fully automatic machine


Besides the various types, the mixer / mixing units are offered with different features.