Plunger pumps of the PP series, also known as grouting pump or injection pumps are hydraulic driven positive displacement pumps.

Possible fields of application are:


- anchor injection

- rock injection

- ground stabilisation

- geothermal application

- well building

- sewer renovation

- sealing grouting

- gap sealing

- contact grouting

- pipe roof grouting

- sleeve pile injection

- micro-piles

- back fillings

- cavity filling

- special civil engineering

- tunnelling

- seal water sealing


Possible mixing components (solids)

- cement slurries

- anchor grout

- bentonite slurries

- fly-ash slurries

- insulation slurries

- powdered limestone slurries

- tone powder slurries

- filling materials for geothermal application

- anhydrite slurries


The mobile, compact grout plants are offered within a performance group with various driving power and different features.