Hose Pump SP-550-2


The GERTEC hose pump SP-550-2 (2 speeds) is appropriate for pumping fluids containing a high proportion of solids and abrasives. The electrical engine of the automatic priming pump is reversible (forward/ backward) and has 2 speeds for pumping. The handling of the compact self-priming pump is very easy.

Technical Data:

  • flow rate at speed no.1 max. 6 m³/h
  • flow rate at speed no.2 max. 12 m³/h
  • discharge pressure max. 6 bar
  • suction height max. 8 m

Potential applications:

  • bored piles
  • High-pressure injection, HDI, Jet Grouting, Minijet
  • micropiles
  • Horizontal directional drilling, HDD
  • minijet
  • special civil engineering
  • drainage of construction

Possible pumping media:

  • drilling fluids
  • slurries, abrasive, corrosive
  • wastewater
  • cement slurry
  • bentonite slurry
  • foamed concrete
  • mortar

Main features and advantages:

  • safe to run dry
  • self-priming
  • reversible
  • high performance
  • high reliability
  • easy operation
  • easy transport handling

Accessories (not standard delivery included):

  • strainer
  • suction filter
  • suction and pressure hoses
Hose Pump type SP-550-2,bored piles,horizontal direct drilling