The hose pump, slurry pump or also known as peristaltic pump is a positive displacement pump suitable for:

Pumping of drilling fluids, cement slurries, bentonite slurries, return suspensions, diaphragm wall compounds, dirty water, mortar, slurry, foam concrete, light concrete, concrete, abrasive slurries, corrosive slurries, high-viscous fluids, biomasses, press water, paints, acids, solid-containing slurries, high-sensitive process media or also aggressive fluids.


The mobile hose pumps are self-priming, dry running, reversible, do not have valves, are easy to use and designed for harsh building site conditions.


Application area examples:


High-pressure injection, HDI, Jet Grouting, minijet, bored piles, diaphragm wall, sealing wall, narrow band,horizontal flush drilling, special civil engineering, drainage of construction sites, pipe roof grouting.