Foamed Concrete Mixing Plant SBMA-14


The foamed concrete mixing plantSBMA-14 is an extremely compact and powerful plant for the continuous production of foamed concrete for light mortar and floor levelling. It consists of a continuous mixer for the production of cement slurry and a foam concrete mixer with integrated foam generator. In this process, foam is permanently produced and mixed homogeneously with the cement slurry in a closed system. The innovative mixing process prevents additional air from entering the mix during the mixing process and uses the great differences in density between foam and cement slurry in a brilliant way. This unique mixing principle enables the reproducible and continuous production of light- to medium-weight foam concrete of an impressive quality. The finished foamed concrete can be pumped directly from the plant to the installation site without additional units.

The plants convinced by their unique mixing quality, high mixing capacity and the quality management. Foamed concrete on demand with mixing ratio and mixing components regulation.


Technical data:

  • mixing capacity: 10,0 -14,0 m³/h
  • Gross density foam concrete: approx. 300 - 550 kg/m³
  • fresh mortar density: approx. 350- 650 kg/m³


Main features and advantages:

  • easy operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • PLC controlled system concept with visualization, monitoring and control of mix ingredients, recipe code, usage statistics etc.
  • minimum installation and commissioning effort
  • optimal mixing quality of foamed concrete (encapsulated mixing system)
  • mixing and flow rate continuously adjustable
  • low weight, little space required
  • low operating expenses
    Foamed Conncrete Mixing Plant type SBMA-14