Foamed Concrete Mixer SBM-8 (50-250 kg/m3)


The foamed concrete mixer SBM-8 is a purpose made plant for the continuous production of light cellular concretes. In the mixing plant a supply unit for water and compressed air is integrated. Due to this, operation, independent of compressed air and pressurized water ports, is possible. At the plant the necessary foam for the production of cellular concrete is generated and mixed with the cement slurry in the continuous mixer of the upstream mixing plant (e.g. CM-250-E.).

Technical Data:

mixing capacity                                       4,0 - 6,0 m³/h

density approx.                                      50 - 250 kg/m³

Main features and advantages:

  • easy operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • minimum installation and commissioning effort
  • optimal mixing quality of foam concrete (encapsulated mixing system)
  • mixing and flow rate continuously adjustable
  • low weight, little space required
  • low operating expenses
Foamed Conncrete Mixer type SBM-8