Foamed Concrete Mixer SBM-8 (200-600 kg/m3)


The foamed concrete mixertype SBM-8 is a compact continues working foam concrete producing machine.

With the integrated foam generator is a permanent foam concrete production possible.

The foam will be mixed with a cement

slurry extremely fast in a closed system.

The foam mixer type SBM-8 is designed to prevent the ingress of external air into the mixed

concrete material during the mixing process and uses the difference in density of foam and concrete slurry.

Due to the special mixing principle, it is possible to produce ultra light as well as

heavy foamed concrete in an impressive reproducible quality.

The ready mixed foamed concrete or foam mortar can be used for insulating of sandwichelements or finished parts.

Technical Data:

mixing capacity                                       4,0 - 8,0 m³/h

density                                   approx. 200 - 600 kg/m³

Main features and advantages:

  • easy operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • minimum installation and commissioning effort
  • optimal mixing quality of foam concrete (encapsulated mixing system)
  • mixing and flow rate continuously adjustable
  • low weight, little space required
  • low operating expenses
Foamed Conncrete Mixer type SBM-8