Innovative foam concrete technology and technique

Innovation: Gertec SBM-8

An air-hardening mineral foam made with mineral binders, has fascination benefits as insulation material.

The company GERTEC has developed a new, innovative method for mixing foam concrete and mineral foams and the associated mixing plant. For the production of foam, concrete slurry is prepared in batches from water and binders in a colloidal mixer. This is temporarily stored in a buffer tank. From here the slurry is continuously fed to the foam concrete mixing plant and mixed with the likewise continuously generated foam by the plant, to an absolutely homogeneous and very stable mineral foam. Foam production and mixing process takes place in a hermetically closed system. The measurement and control devices of the plant ensure a consistent mixture quality. The result are highly stable mineral foams and lightweight foam concretes in the density range of about 80 to 500 kg/m³. Even with filling heights of about 1 m, they show no tendency to sedimentation or porosity difference.

(Source BFT)

BFT Innovative foam concrete technology