The grout plant IS-80-3-EC (container version) is a purpose-made grout plant for mixing and grouting for construction sites. The grout plant is particularly suitable for mixing and pumping of bentonite and cement slurries.

Technical Data:

  • mixing capacity (20 batches/h): 15,0 m³/h
  • effective mixer volume: 750 l
  • agitator tank: 4000 l
  • 3 pce hydraulically driven plunger pump (double plunger pump)
  • flow rate: 3 x 0-95 l/min, continuously adjustable
  • discharge pressure 100 bar, continuously limited

Potential Applications:

The compact grout plant are used for:

  • microtunneling
  • pipe jacking
  • cavity filling

Main features and advantages:

  • continuously adjustable flow rate of pump
  • continuously adjustable discharge pressure limitation
  • easy operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • minimum installation and commissioning effort
  • optimal mixing quality (colloidal mixer)
  • double door container (CSC version)
  • oil cooler, switchable for summer and winter operation

Accessories (not standard delivery included):

  • Remote control (cable or radio)
  • Data logging with / without pump control
GROUT PLANT type IS-80-3-EC ,microtunneling,bentonite lubrication,pipe jackingContainer